Privacy policy

Register Name

Kaamos Climbing Oy’s customer register

Register Administrator

Kaamos Climbing Oy

Business ID: 3353182-8

Kallisenhaara 3 b 5

90400 Oulu

Contact person regarding the register

Tuukka Peteri

046 902 5955

Purpose of the Register

Kaamos Climbing Oy’s (hereinafter referred to simply as Kaamos) member register is used for managing customer relationships, invoicing customers, realizing the rights and obligations of the customer and the data controller, marketing, and statistical purposes. Personal data can also be used for service development and targeting. Personal data will always be used in compliance with current legislation. Customers have the right to refuse the use of their data for direct marketing.

Processing of Personal Data

Your personal data may be collected in various ways.

Mainly, we collect and process personal data that:

  • You have given us when you contact us or do business with us, e.g., when you buy our services or register for a service, subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us to ask for an offer or information.
  • Originates when using a service or during a website visit, e.g., when logging into a service to make a reservation, doing business in our online store, or contacting us in other ways, such as email, phone, or social media.
  • Is obtained from other sources, to the extent permitted by applicable laws e.g., Trade Register, Population Register System, Corporate and Community Information System or Postal Address Information System, without limiting the sources only to the aforementioned.

It’s never mandatory to provide personal data, but it may limit our ability to offer our services.

We collect and process, for example, the following categories of personal data:

  • Basic information, such as name and contact details (email address, address, phone number).
  • Information related to the customer relationship, such as details about the service and/or product, order details, payment details, billing information, marketing permissions and prohibitions, and in some cases, age and language of communication.
  • Customer contacts and related correspondence, as well as records related to the rights of registered individuals.
  • Personal data created when using our service or collected during the use of our websites e.g., usernames, passwords, identification-related data, service usage log data, data collected from our websites using cookies or similar technologies.
  • Other case-specifically defined information based on your consent, such as necessary information for service production e.g., special diets.


For security reasons and to prevent crimes, we may have surveillance cameras in our facilities. We may also monitor climbing visits for security or similar reasons.

Data protection

Access to the customer register is protected with passwords known only to the staff. Passwords protect all machines and devices that have access to the customer register and the cashier system. The register is not kept in printed form. Only individuals whose job description includes using the register use it. Users are also bound by confidentiality. The person handling register issues grants and supervises the use of the register.

The register is located in an internet-based service, protected by the SSL protocol.

In addition, the system provider (Webkulkuri Oy) has access to the customer register.

Duration of data processing

Customer information remains in the register for the duration of the company’s operations or until the customer requests their removal from the register.


We use cookies and similar technologies on our websites. Cookies are small text files placed on your device for collecting and remembering useful information, improving the functionality and usability of our website. We may use cookies and similar technologies for statistical purposes like compiling statistics on website usage to understand how users use the website and improve the user experience. You can block the setting of cookies, restrict the use of cookies, or delete cookies from your browser. Since cookies enable our website’s functionality, restricting the use of cookies may affect the usability of the website.

Rights of the registered

Each registered individual has rights regarding the processing of their data:

  • Right of inspection, i.e., the right to check personal data stored in the register. If there are inaccuracies or deficiencies in the data, the registered can request correction or completion of the data.
  • Right to object, i.e., the right to oppose the processing of personal data, if the registered believes that personal data has been processed unlawfully or without proper justification.
  • Right to erasure, i.e., the right to request the removal of data stored in the register. The registered also has the right to limit data processing.
  • Right to data portability, i.e., the right to transfer data from one system to another.
  • Right to complain, i.e., the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman if the registered believes that the processing of personal data has violated applicable data protection legislation.

The data controller can only refuse to fulfill a request to object or erase data for reasons stipulated by law. If the data controller does not agree with the registered’s demands, the registered has the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman. The registered also has the right to demand that the processing of disputed data be restricted until the matter is resolved.


Please address questions and contacts regarding this statement in writing or in person to the contact person.

Changes in the privacy policy statement

We continuously improve our services and may thus change this statement. We will notify about changes by updating this statement and, if necessary, in our services. Therefore, we advise you to review the content of the data protection statement regularly.