Terms of use and rules

  1. All customers fill registration form on first visit.
  2. If a customer is under 15 years old, an adult person is filling the form on their behalf. Under 15 years old  can only climb with the supervision of an adult.
  3. Over 15 year old can climb without and adult, but registration has to be done with the permission of an adult.
  4. The climber is capable of evaluating their health and condition while climbing and understands that they climb at their own risk.
  5. The climber understands that climbing has a risk of injury or even death.
  6. Climbing tickets are mainly bought from the webshop.
  7. Kaamos is not responsible for the loss or damage to customers’ belongings.
  8. Keep your belongings away from the mattress.
  9. Don’t keep anything in your pockets while climbing.
  10. Don’t wear rings or hanging jewelry while climbing.
  11. Don’t climb under the influence of alcohol.
  12. Membership or serial card is personal.
  13. Everyone must check themselves in. You can only use your PIN-code to let yourself in. If two customers enter at the same time, both of them have to check in.
  14. Contact staff if you notice any misconduct or dangerous action
  15. Modifying routes or moving climbing holds is prohibited.
  16. Climbing without shoes is prohibited. Only wear climbing shoes while climbing.
  17. Use only liquid chalk that is meant for climbing.
  18. There is a camera surveillance in the facility.
  19. Customership can be ended if customer breaks terms of use.
  20.  The right to change terms of use is reserved.

Annual membership terms

Yearly membership is a 12 month lasting binding agreement that starts from the purchase day. If you buy a membership in one settlement, the agreement does not renew automatically and has to be bought again after the year. When bought in part payment, a customer needs to cancel the agreement before renewal. The canceling of a membership can be done after one contract period (12 months) and with one month notice from the next billing. Payment time in billing is 14 days and billing in part payments is done by Ropo Capital. If the membership agreement is for under 18 year old, a guardian must accept the agreement before validation.

A member has a right to suspend the agreement in case of:

  • Moving to a different city or abroad
  • Serious injury or long lasting illness
  • Another sudden event that gives a reason to suspend the agreement. These situations are always checked case by case

Agreement can’t be suspended or postponed because of a holiday. Please notice that agreement can’t be suspended afterwards and the notice (for example after injury) must be done immediately. You need to present a medical certificate about the injury. If you can’t continue the membership, in some cases it is possible to give the rest of the membership to someone else.

You can give to notice to the customer service or by email info@kaamosclimbing.fi

A customer accepts these terms by buying the yearly membership. Service provider can terminate the membership immediately if a customer is breaking the terms of use, rules or the terms of this agreement.

Membership benefits:

  • 24/7 access to the climbing-, gym- and lounge area (We reserve the right for the exceptions e.g. competitions and private events)
  • Events and competitions only for yearly members